An erudite academician and a result oriented professional with a contagiously positive attitude, James brings with him high caliber and extensive experience of over 7 years in academia and administration in Computer Science Department, helping young minds achieve their life goals. Rich experience of working as Head of Department for 3 years and enhancing the quality of education imparted.  Technical proficiency in various languages including C, C++, Java, Oracle, PHP, MySQL and HTML with CSS gives him an edge over others.

A Masters in Software Engineering, James discovered his passionate for raising the standard of education in schools and colleges and started his career as a Computer Science Teacher. Working with prestigious education institutions namely Gopi Birla Memorial School, Navy Children’s School & Chettinad Rajah Muthiah Matric School as a Computer Teacher has honed his skills in delivering enthusiastic instructions and leadership to achieve academic excellence. A passionate teacher, James is proficient in delivering enthusiastic instruction, planning curriculum, serving as an examiner and conducting labs for academic excellence. His hands on approach coupled with use of multiple learning methodologies make his sessions interesting, interactive and a great learning experience. Students revere him for his practical, hands on, application oriented approach to learning. A student focused professor; he is able to instill a passion for excellence and a winning attitude among his students. He is recognized for his exemplary communication skills that enable him to explain his points in a simple clear manner both in written and verbal instances.

James has institutionalized policies and processes to enhance the quality of education delivered. Promoting adoption of latest teaching methods and research findings, enhancing capability of staff and sound administration to foster a health learning atmosphere are means to this end. Recognized for planning and implementing innovative activities for students. Holds the distinction of automating progress reports and grading systems for the school. He has also assisted in Cyber Club Activities.

Excellent communication skills, classroom and behavior management set him apart. He is able to foster positive relationships with students, parents, fellow teachers and school administration for overall development of the student. Proven ability to individualize instructions based on students specialized and changing needs.  Working in a high pressure environment brings out the best in him.